Vecchia Osteria Salami

Vecchia Osteria Salami

Salami and cured meats

A noble scent with delicate garlicky and spicy scents that extends into a full, welcoming and pleasantly complex taste. Agened, with a still soft heart.

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This salami is a pure expression of Levoni’s roots in the farmhouse tradition; it is still produced today respecting the old techniques. The filling has a moist consistency and is a deep red colour with random flecks of white fat. Its intense and inviting fragrance carries notes of garlic, red wine and pepper; the ingredients which contribute to its preservation. It fills the mouth with a full-bodied robust flavour that is somewhat rustic, warm, appetising, succulent and long lasting.
Typical appearance of “home made” salami. Aroma with hints of garlic and wine, complex and decisive taste. Soft dough, strong and balanced flavor.

San Pietro Tips

Perfect salami in purity, it can be alternated with polenta, our Grana Padano Selezione da Fieno, mustards from the Le Caselle company, Corte Lonardi vegetables, crushed and salted bread products.

The wines of the morainic hills and the Lambrusco complete and enrich the taste of the Vecchia Osteria.
Suggested wine: Lambrusco il Vecchio Ponte

The recipe: the Lombard morsel

The recipe: the Lombard morsel
Crusty white roll
Salame Vecchia Osteria Levoni
Cooked pan-tossed spinach
Flakes of parmigiano cheese
Salt and pepper  
Boil the spinach and then drain the water. In a frying pan brown a clove of garlic in a few spoons of oil, add the cooked spinach, season with salt and pepper and then allow to cool for a few minutes. Divide the bread roll in half, fill with the pan-tossed spinach, the Salame Vecchia Osteria Levoni, finish off with flakes of parmesan and enjoy every bite.  

The supplier: Levoni

Vecchia Osteria Salami
The mission of the fourth generation of the Levoni family is one: to continue to pursue absolute excellence in the production of a wide assortment of cured meats, all of the highest quality, all spokespersons of the great Italian food and wine tradition.

Consistent with this choice, they are present in the best delicatessens, butchers and delicatessens in Italy. These have always been the natural places for their cured meats, which here find knowledge, professionalism and love for things done well.