Our production chain

Our production chain

Our production chain

The short supply chain adopted by Latteria San Pietro starts from the collection of milk, and then from a short transport of this precious raw material.


Rural Social Innovation

Give greater value to the manufacturer and then to the product eliminating the intermediate steps, shortening the trade chain.

Reconnect young people to the land and agriculture, identify both overt ideas of "kilometer zero" "zero impact" and "organic" with the authenticity that in our collective imagination should really mean.

Return the value of food products, at the moment moved excessively toward trade chain, logistics and finance, to the intrinsic value of the exchange between good and work.

Exchange views and opinions based on the real experiences of the products consumed, to obtain a constant product improvement through the social channel, further drawing closer producers and consumers.

Discover what is RURAL SOCIAL INNOVATION and how it can improve the relationship between producer and consumer.
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