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Kosher food

The Hebrew word kosher (or kashèr)  means “fit” or “proper.” When applied to food, the term indicates that an item is fit for consumption according to Jewish law. Therefore the kòsher laws define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew. The observance of kosher laws is hallmark of Jewish identity for more than 3500 years. The legislation on Jewish food is called kashrùt.

The opposite of kosher is tarèf (any food that is not kosher).


All dairy products require kosher certification. They must meet the following criteria in order to be certified kosher:
  • Milk must come from a kosher animal
  • All ingredients must be kosher 
  • They must be processed on kosher equipment, to eliminate any risk of contamination of food Kosher and Taref
Jewish law requires that in the production of Grana Padano Kosher, a mashgiach or Jewish supervisor, must be present from the beginning of the milking to the end of processing to ensure that only milk from kòsher  and  partecipate in the curd.

Major steps of the process

  • Analysis of the production cycle: in this phase are analyzed machinery and raw materials, assessing the risks of cross contamination of food kosher and tarèf.
  • Milking: the Jewish supervisor verifies each farm for the absence of unfit animals and ensure the origin of the milk.
    - Milk Collection and processing: there is a constant monitoring of the manufacture and active participation in one of the main process step: the dosage of kosher rennet. Specialized rabbis  set all procedures in accordance with the Torah, for purification of foods, cleaning of equipments and workplaces.
    - Production of the cheese: all the wheels are checked and, after the necessary checks, signed for approval of conformity. 
  • Labeling: Specialized rabbis checks that the label complies with regulations.

Kosher certification

The kosher certification is synonymous not only with food fit for consumption of the practitioners of the Jewish religion, but also of high quality foods.

The great attention to hygiene, the careful selection of ingredients and the constant checks at every step of the process, are some of the reasons why kosher foods are a great choice for religious and not.
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