Kosher Grana Padano PDO cheese

Grana Padano Koshèr certifying body supervision

Stefano Pezzini, President Latteria San Pietro
In the last years, Latteria San Pietro has been very aware about market trends and, for this reason, our differentiation policy is leading our company to make particular decisions. One of them is the production of Grana Padano Koshèr, which is addressed to a specific target. Within our company, we manage several special productions, in particular Grana Padano Koshèr, where a specialised certifying body supervises the whole production system.

Who buys Grana Padano Koshèr acknowledges, thanks to this special certification, a high quality product. Another important issue is the acknowledgement as a company that can produce Grana Padano Koshèr, while guaranteeing every production phase, in order to safeguard both traders and consumers.

We also believe there is an expanding international market that is interested in this kind of production. In particular, Israel, but also France, Germany and USA are increasingly beware of this kind of cheese quality and certification.

Yuda Choen, rabbi
I’m Yuda Choen, I come to Italy to make Koshèr cheese for the Jewish community. The Koshèr cheese you need to make four things for this. The first you need to look on the material, if it is Koshèr or not what you put inside; the second thing to look is that everything is clean before; the third thing you have to go to the farms to look to the milk, to make Koshèr milk, because if a Jewish doesn’t go inside to look to the milk, the milk is not Jewish milk, it’s only normal milk and it’s not Koshèr for us.
When you go to the farms, you need to look to three things: the first, you need to look the tank, if it’s empty of the milk of the day before; the second, you need to look also if there are only Koshèr animals and not other animals; the third you need to see the milk in the cow.

Another thing you need to make here is to look at the rennet, because this company special cheese is made only with naturale rennet and it doesn’t use other synthetic rennet, only natural.

I think the company have done a very good work for us. What I have asked, the company has made, and everything about the Koshèr now is okay, everybody can eat it, because the cheese is very good, the milk is Koshèr milk in the factory according to the law of Israel, for Jewish people, it is very good now, everybody can eat it.

Kosher food

The Hebrew word kosher (or kashèr)  means “fit” or “proper.” When applied to food, the term indicates that an item is fit for consumption according to Jewish law. Therefore the kòsher laws define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew. The observance of kosher laws is hallmark of Jewish identity for more than 3500 years. The legislation on Jewish food is called kashrùt.

The opposite of kosher is tarèf (any food that is not kosher).

Major steps of the process

  • Analysis of the production cycle: in this phase are analyzed machinery and raw materials, assessing the risks of cross contamination of food kosher and tarèf.
  • Milking: the Jewish supervisor verifies each farm for the absence of unfit animals and ensure the origin of the milk.
    - Milk Collection and processing: there is a constant monitoring of the manufacture and active participation in one of the main process step: the dosage of kosher rennet. Specialized rabbis  set all procedures in accordance with the Torah, for purification of foods, cleaning of equipments and workplaces.
    - Production of the cheese: all the wheels are checked and, after the necessary checks, signed for approval of conformity. 
  • Labeling: Specialized rabbis checks that the label complies with regulations.

Kosher certification

Kosher certification
The kosher certification is synonymous not only with food fit for consumption of the practitioners of the Jewish religion, but also of high quality foods.

The great attention to hygiene, the careful selection of ingredients and the constant checks at every step of the process, are some of the reasons why kosher foods are a great choice for religious and not.
Milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme from egg.
Semi-fat cheese cooked hard, minimum 9 months of seasoning. Naturally lactose-free.
Hard, finely grainy, it has a radial flake fracture and a barely visible hole.