Our quality system

Our Grana Padano PDO is controlled by a system that provides quality control at every stage of processing, to get an unmatched Italian DOP cheese.

Our control procedures

Our dairy goes far beyond what is required by current regulations: the milk farms are monitored daily in accordance with our Quality System.

We want to offer a better service to consumers, nothing escapes the control of Grana Padano marked MN474!

And if an animal is having problems? The farmer takes the cow out of the supply of milk for the days necessary, up to the approval of our controller!

What we guarantee

What we guarantee
The mark of the Consortium "Grana Padano PDO" is engraved with fire at the end of the minimum maturation period provided for in the specification, we are not to put the mark but the emissaries control officers by the consortium: Only the wheels that exceed Consortium's checks become Grana Padano.

The trademark of our dairy "MN474" ensures that every form comes from our dairy and therefore exceeded the quality controls established and followed by our production chain.

The casein stamp is a unique number that identifies each form, thus ensuring complete traceability and ensure the food security of our consumers. 

The month and year of manufacture are engraved in bas-relief on the outside of the wheel and give the certainty that the seasoning is exactly what you are selling. 

The identification number CE engraved in bas-relief on the outside of the wheel ensures that the wheel was produced in our production facility supervised by the Veterinary Services District.

Our certifications

Compliance certificate to organic product 
Certificato di Conformità Bio Agri Cert .pdf
Organic production chain certificate
Documento giustificativo .pdf
World Cheese Awards 2016-17 for Grana Padano PDO Riserva more than 30 months
World Cheese Awards .pdf
Compliance certificate to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 
Certificato ISO .pdf
Unilever Sustainable Living Plan certificate
Certificazione Unilever .pdf