About us

Our history

The Latteria Agricola San Pietro is a cooperative dairy that produces and selles Grana Padano PDO cheese.

The cooperative was born in Pianura Padana in 1966 when 21 partners, who fed their cows with forages from the permanent meadows, came together to produce this delicious cheese.


The dairy San Pietro today

The 27 members now continue the path of our founding fathers, in an extraordinary economic and industrial experience looking for a product that in its long history of over 1,000 years now, recounts the hardships of the work of humans, animals and nature.

The cooperative management safeguards the respect of the supply chain, ensuring the animals a proper diet and a herd which complies with the strictest rules of well-being.

The permanent meadows, known in the Po Valley since the Middle Ages, are in fact the main supplies of our cows. It is spontaneous crops, which are not, in any way, treated with chemicals. That ingredient gives to the milk and then to our precious cheese the flavor of nature and of our territory.
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