Grana Padano PDO CHEESE

Grana Padano over 12 months

Grana Padano over 12 months
The youngest of our cheeses, with a soft consistency and a delicate taste suitable for children's palates, particularly suitable for meal consumption. Excellent as a condiment for meats and vegetables, ideal as an appetizer or used in flakes on a fresh salad or beef carpaccio.

Grana Padano over 20 months

It is a crumbly cheese with a lingering taste.

To be consumed in flakes as an aperitif, combined with slightly sparkling white wines or soft and full-bodied reds, or grated on soups, risottos and pasta to enhance its taste.

Grana Padano over 30 months

A unique cheese of its kind, structured, with a consistent grain, an intense aroma and with the right balance between flavor and spiciness.

Excellent to grate on first courses and pleasant morsels at the end of the meal, it is accompanied by intense and full-bodied red wines.

Milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme from egg.
Semi-fat cheese cooked hard, minimum 9 months of seasoning. Naturally lactose-free.
Hard, finely grainy, it has a radial flake fracture and a barely visible hole.