The territory

Stable meadows

A natural meadow of spontaneous crops: the food of our animals.
The territory
The stable meadows are those herbaceous formations that have never undergone the tillage (plowing or harrowing) and are maintained exclusively through mowing and eventual fertilization, which must not however be excessive under penalty of loss of floristic wealth. There is no need to proceed with artificial seeding, as the propagation of the species is guaranteed by natural mechanisms.

Why stable meadows are so important?

In the last centuries man has profoundly modified the environment, drastically reducing biodiversity, that is the richness of species. The stable meadows in the agricultural landscape of the Po Valley play an important role as hot spots of floristic biodiversity that is inextricably linked to the whole ecosystem.

The lawn in fact provides food and shelter for micro mammals of different species and these, in turn, provide nourishment for numerous species of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey.

Stable meadows as food

The plant biodiversity of the stable lawn translates into the production of a balanced and complete forage, due to the presence of the different plant species, with different nutritional properties.