Rustico Little Salami

"Rustico" Little Salami

Salami and cured meats

Aromatic on the nose with a note of white pepper, in the mouth it is tasty, harmonious and spicy.

4.50 €


Takeaway salami, casing covered with beautiful light molds. The slice is medium-grained, of a beautiful red color and the fat, pearl-white parts are well distinguished. Already when cut, it releases its delicious and intoxicating scent enriched by notes of seasoning and spices that blend into an unmistakable aroma. The flavor is intense, with a nice, harmonious and decisive character. Typical grain. Definitely balanced taste.

San Pietro tips: Pairings

A delicious salami, suitable for the "picotear" they would say in Spain, in short, delicious for "spizzicare", for delicious aperitifs. To be served with "cornflower" caciotte cut into cubes and baguette slices. Also to be enjoyed in an open-air snack with Lonardi vegetables

The supplier: Levoni

"Rustico" Little Salami
The mission of the fourth generation of the Levoni family is one: to continue to pursue absolute excellence in the production of a wide assortment of cured meats, all of the highest quality, all spokespersons of the great Italian food and wine tradition.

Consistent with this choice, they are present in the best delicatessens, butchers and delicatessens in Italy. These have always been the natural places for their cured meats, which here find knowledge, professionalism and love for things done well.