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Color: With the short drying of the grapes and with the right stay in large barrels we have obtained a wine with a straw yellow color with golden reflections.

Bouquet: olfactory sensations of great intensity and persistence, accentuated by warm notes of ripe exotic fruit, pineapple, banana and honey.

Taste: Full-bodied and harmonious, it also expresses soft sensations in the mouth, given by the combination of sugar alcohols and alcohols, but supported by good freshness.

San Pietro Tips: pairings

It finds the right expression par excellence with pumpkin tortelli, a typical Mantuan dish, white meats, fish and risotto with vegetables.

Grape Variety


The supplier: Ricchi


Cantina Ricchi is a special place where production ethics, respect for the natural flow of time and the use of advanced technologies coexist to obtain impeccable wines, while protecting their sustainability.

Making wine well is good for everyone, even the planet.

Cantina Ricchi is not just a place but an experience full of familiarity, style and attention, for wines as well as for guests.