White Watermelon Mustard

White Watermelon Mustard


The white watermelon mustard of the Le Caselle farm has among its main characteristics that of being made with seasonal fruit and natural products, such as sugar and natural mustard essential oil, and of being processed, at every stage of procedure, exclusively by hand, from the peeling of the fruit to the packaging of the jar. In particular, the moment in which the fruit is caramelized is taken care of, a very delicate phase that occurs after 4 days of candying, passing it little by little in the pan

Weight220 gr
6.50 €

The supplier: Azienda Agricola Le Caselle

"They were among the first to believe in it (and initially they were few), demonstrating the foresight that accompanied the entrepreneurial path of this family. Now it's up to Raffaella to carry it all forward. all those who know that reality are cheering for her and for the great project she inherited. Long live “Le Caselle” and her beautiful story of love and capons! "

Gianni Fava