Vialone Nano Rice

Vialone Nano Rice


For the preparation of your best first courses, Corte Facchina Piccola offers its vialone nano rice, full-bodied and substantial.

Weight1000 g
SupplierCorte Facchina Piccola
4.00 €


Considered the forefather of fine rice or rather risotto, with a small and rounded grain it belongs to the category of semi-fine rice. Suitable for any type of risotto in particular for the typical risotto alla pilot

San Pietro tips: recipe

San Pietro tips: recipe
Pilota rice

For two people:
Bring a glass of water to a boil in a copper or steel pot. Add a pinch of salt and pour a glass of Vialone Nano Rice in the center of the pot. After 10-12 minutes turn off the heat, stir the rice, cover the pot with a cloth and close with a lid. Let the rice cook in the steam of the pot for another 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, brown a peeled salamella with a knob of butter and a sprig of rosemary. Finish the salami by blending it with half a glass of red wine. When the rice is ready, add a knob of butter, the salamella and 40-50 grams of our Grana Padano DPO Selezione Da Fieno. Mix all the ingredients together. You will need to get a shelled and not whipped rice.
Serve in a flat plate and garnish with Grana Padano DPO Selezione Da Fieno to your taste.
Enjoy your meal