Unconventional production of Grana Padano PDO

[...] Thanks to the internship in Latteria San Pietro I was able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during the IFTS course and I had the opportunity to get passionate and to try my hand at planning and implementing projects aimed at development and promotion of economic, commercial and environmental policies that have increased in me the desire to continue the path that has just begun.
I found an environment that values ​​the initiative of the youngest enough to make it a corporate policy.

I conclude with a sentence quoted by Paolo Marcesini during his speech at the presentation of the Sustainability Manifesto "Voce del Verbo Custodire" to which I feel I can fully adhere and which summarizes my convictions regarding the issues addressed during this journey:

“Circularity, the principle that governs nature, is also the basis of circular society. The latter allowed primitive humanity to overcome the scarcity of resources, people and skills by making the best possible use of available natural resources ".

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Unconventional production of Grana Padano PDO