Passito & Grana, why not?


A magical village for a unique encounter

A magical village for a unique encounter
The Volta Mantovana exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions in the sector in Italy and offers a broad overview of the finest Italian dessert wines.
A magical village where all the eras have left precious testimonies: the frescoed rooms and the decorated ceilings, the King's bathroom, the suggestive Italian gardens, the ancient stables with the Warriors gallery and the street that connects the Palace, to the Towers and the Belvedere della Chiesa, paved with morainic pebbles, which will host the market for Italian dessert wines and typical local products.
Passito & Grana, why not?
The review represents a point of reference for producers of high quality wines which, this year, will be over 100 from all over Italy!
A great label, of course, must be paired with a great cheese! Our Grana Padano dei Prati Stabili will in fact be present in many tastings and you can find it at the stand of the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori Mantovani.

How it works

How it works
The event has 6 sections:

1) The Exhibition-Market of the wines of the cellars present at the Fair
Companies have the opportunity to present themselves directly to the public with their products, put them on sale and thus create direct contact with their customers. The visitor, with the purchase of the glass and the ticket, will receive 10 tasting vouchers to be used in the exhibition market.

2) The Tasting Desk
Exhibition and tasting desk of the Passiti and Meditation wines of the over 100 labels by the Sommeliers of AIS.
3) Guided Tastings
Well-known AIS Sommelier teachers will conduct the guided tastings. Passito paired with cheeses, desserts, chocolate and cigars. Furthermore, by the sensory analysts of the Grana Padano consortium, combinations with the Prati Stabili Grano Padano will be proposed. Leading them in this 18th edition will be Valentino Tesi, best national AIS sommelier. It can be accessed by reservation only - € 10
4) Farmer's Market of typical local products
This year you will also find the Farmer's Market organized in collaboration with Coldiretti and Campagna Amica, offering all visitors products and excellences from the Morainic Hills of Garda and the Mincio valleys.
5) Evening events from 7pm to 10pm
New this year will be the evening events on Saturday and Sunday.
- Saturday 30/04: live music with the band Annie & the Soul Fellas (rockabilly and rock 'n' roll). Three truck food specialties and a drink with passito are included.
- Sunday 01/05: Sunday: live music with Dj Bragantini. Four tastings from the 616n food truck and a drink with passito are included.
It can be accessed by reservation only - € 20
6) Palazzo Gonzaga will also be open to the public for guided tours and didactic workshops of Spezieria and Cereria for children and families

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