Le Cime

Le Cime


19.00 €


Color: Depth and personality right from the color, golden yellow.

Bouquet: Very intense but extremely fine bouquet in which the notes related to raisins stand out: apricot and candied orange peel.

Taste: Perfectly balanced in sweetness, acidity and softness, it returns its complexity to the palate in warm and enveloping notes. Its complexity is enriched by mineral notes and a very long persistence.

San Pietro Tips: pairings

This great passito wine finds its maximum expression when tasted alone with blue cheeses and dry pasta desserts.

Grape Variety

Garganega e Moscato Giallo

The supplier: Ricchi

Le Cime

Cantina Ricchi is a special place where production ethics, respect for the natural flow of time and the use of advanced technologies coexist to obtain impeccable wines, while protecting their sustainability.

Making wine well is good for everyone, even the planet.

Cantina Ricchi is not just a place but an experience full of familiarity, style and attention, for wines as well as for guests.