Fair of the permanent meadows: the dual concept Grana - Hay


At the 22nd edition of the Fair of Grana Padano of Prati Stabili the six diaries located in the area of Valle del Mincio had been the undisputed protagonists, including Latteria San Pietro.
As in previous editions, during 19th - 20th and 21st of October, the six dairies under the organisational aegis of Goito Get Up association and Goito City Council’s venture, have worked together on a project of valorisation of the land and their productive excellences of Grana Padano.

This year the fair has increased the number of events, where the common thread had been the decision of putting the spotlight on the dual concept of Grana Padano and the hay of the stable meadows of Valle del Mincio.
Thanks to this theme, the organizational committee was allowed to distinguish the fair with a new philosophy between tradition and newness: the tradition of a product along with its rich history, and the newness of rediscovering hundred-years old fields of Valle del Mincio through the five senses.
The numerous audience surrender themselves to rediscover a land in which time seems to have stopped, through a journey of tasting activities, sensory analysis and show-cooking. The milk produced by cows fed with this hay, highly scented and rich of unique substances, will become a Grana Padano which reflects the respect for nature, genuineness, human work, history, culture and traditions. 
The dual concept of hay – Grana Padano has been offered to the audience.
Through sensorial games, kids from local schools were able to experience the richness of this particular hay, prince of their land’s field.
Fair of the permanent meadows: the dual concept Grana - Hay
Different events have been presented to the audience, coming from neighbouring regions, such as the cistercian revocation opened by a question: “what’s behind a flake of Grana Padano?”. The world of Grana Padano, in its entirety, has been recalled in Piazza Gramsci: the history, curiosities, land, process of production and taste; this last activity was proposed through a Grana Padano and wine tasting, organized by Strada dei sapori and vini Mantovani.
The fair wanted to attract teenagers with Aperigrana and DJ sets.
Lastly, a highlight on the Sunday’s show-cooking: a mixture of entertainment, good food and passion. The first show-cooking was designed for kids: Chef Ugo Prandella turned into Chef Gru from “Despicable Me” and invited kids in his kitchen in order to cook Baby Burgers of stable meadows; later on the Chef offered three different desserts Grana Padano-based.
The event has been organized with the participation of Consorzio di Tutela del Grana Padano and Strada dei sapori e vini Mantovani. An honourable mention goes to Fiera Millenaria which supported this event and reinforced the collaboration with Grana Padano of Prati Stabili, achieving year after year important promotional and commercial results.
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