White Ciocolate CioccoMiti

White Ciocolate "CioccoMiti"


A delight for the palate from Trentino!

7.00 €


More than a year of research was needed to create the recipe for our dried apples covered in white chocolate. A skilful drying method, without the addition of any additives, allows the apple to melt in the mouth in the same way as chocolate. Apple rings - the main product of our territory - selected by hand, dressed in our best chocolate cuvées.

The producer

The producer
Ciocomiti is a young reality that combines tradition, innovation, territory and passion for the search for authentic flavours. It was born and developed thanks to the attitude of its founder, Matteo. Already with experience in the world of wine and the art of ice cream, he began to build his ambitious project starting from a basement used as a small laboratory. From here the company gradually consolidated until it became a well-known and appreciated reality.


Couverture chocolate (min. 35% cocoa), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, persimmon beans, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract, peeled dried Trentino apples.