Kosher Grana Padano PDO 25 months - 150 gr

Kosher Grana Padano PDO 25 months - 150 gr

Grana Padano

Kosher Grana Padano PDO Cheese certified Chalav Yisrael (חלב ישראל) by Maor Hakshrut.

Super Kosher
Weight150 gr
2.85 €


The production process is checked step by step: both the milking are supervised by the rabbish, all the production in the dairy and the cutting. 
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Kosher certification

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Chalav Yisrael
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San Pietro tips: Grana Padano in the kitchen

Thanks to the strong taste, rich in complex and varied aromas and aromas, it is the protagonist par excellence of our tables.
The low humidity present, a very light spicy note and a prolonged persistence make it suitable both for grating and as a table cheese.
Grana Padano DOP Kosher creams tasty risottos, accompanies cold cuts and sausages and is ideal for combinations with balsamic vinegar, honey, jams and mustards.
It is the most suitable seasoning for a pure tasting at the end of the meal, with intense wines with a good alcohol content.
A meditation cheese.